A true discovery – The Ishmael Syndrome

Lost in life

 Look! And you will see people following the same routines, expecting a better result, and then complaining, because THEY did not achieve it. Really?  Ask yourself, if you knew the secret to an abundant life? Would you share it? 

The secret key

Together, we have decided to share this hidden secret with those who are willing to hear.  This journey started many years ago when some of us asked, “Is there more to this life?” With a resounding voice we heard, “Remember Many are called, Few are chosen, and Most are forgotten.” 

The journey

This journey has been anything but simple. Rewarding – Yes! Worth it – Yes! Easy – No!  “How many times have you reached for success, only to get knocked down again? Why do you constantly struggle with anger, sadness, abuse, and failure and yet, you still watch other people obtain their goals (or so it seems)? Is there a hidden barrier or sinister force working against you?” 

The difference

 Well, if you are anything like me, then consider yourself a pioneer – One who is willing to ask the hard questions, and one who is NOT willing to accept the common, the ordinary, expected path . . .   My story is real, and I am going to tell it like it is! No holding back! I am allowing you to see the path I have walked, and I am asking you to join me in sharing this secret .

The cost

  Listen, we spend more money at Starbucks – for our fix – at the Mall – to feel or look better – we spend more money on TV in one month, then most of us spend in a year to feed our real self. I know. I did it, too. You see until I found the secret to life, I was selfish. What surprised me was even after I found the secret, I really did not want to share it. 

The gain

This closely guarded secret is so valuable . . . you could not afford it – not even for Billions. When, I began to share it . . . well, all Hell broke loose. I was under attack from everywhere, but I stayed the course, used the hidden key, and today, I am free, empowered, and enjoying life to the fullest. Please do not waste another moment; Simply get the book and all I ask is that you, in turn share this wisdom with others.