Who is Ishmael?

The True Journey

Get out!  - a familiar story.

Ishmael is the first-born son of Abram and Hagar. From ancient text, we learn that Abram – now Abraham – sent his son out into the dessert and separated him from the promise. Well, you see, Hagar was really Abraham’s second wife (a concubine), and his first wife, Sarah, who just had a son, wanted nothing to do with Ishmael. I know what you’re thinking - reality is stranger than fiction, and so we find Ishmael – the first abandoned, rejected, and hostile young man separated from the promise and left to fend for himself.

What a difference a day makes.

Heir to Homeless

Hagar thought that he would die of his terrible thirst; and she laid him down under a little bush; and then she went away, for she said to herself: "I cannot bear to look at my poor boy suffering and dying for want of water." And just at that moment, while Hagar was crying, and her boy was moaning with thirst, she heard a voice saying to her:

"Hagar, what is your trouble? Do not be afraid. God has heard your cry and the cry of your child. God will take care of you both, and will make of your boy a great nation of people."

It was the voice of an angel from heaven; and then Hagar looked, and there, close at hand, was a spring of water in the desert. How glad Hagar was as she filled the bottle with water and took it to her suffering boy under the bush!

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