Now, You can be a part of the action!

We are so excited to offer Truth Memberships, for those who are willing to join with us!

Truth Members

This very unique plan allows you to give however you are lead, but without you, we cannot do it. We are a fully licensed 5o1(c) (3) humanitarian organization; therefore, you will receive the full benefits from deducting these contributions from your taxes. In addition, you will be a major part in saving lives every day. 100% of these gifts are used to further the vision, and no board member receives any salary from these donations. Here is how you can get involved:



$20 per month ($240/yr.) grants you the

privileges of Truth Members!

Select Your Level:

$86 per month ($1,032/yr.) grants you the

privileges of Gold Truth Members!


$40 per month ($480/yr.) grants you the

privileges of Silver Truth Members!

Give any amount or pay your
pledge for the entire year!

$250 per month ($3,000/yr.) grants you the

privileges of Founder Truth Members!

Calling helpers!

We are also looking for construction help, tiny house designers, agricultural experts, and those called to this generation. If you teach art, music, a vocational skills, and have a heart for hurting people, please contact us today!